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First Published on April 10, 2020

Despite the fact, that we are faced with once in a century pandemic, that has led to unprecedented sell offs, “we are proud to state that we have successfully protected your investments”.

We are delighted to inform you, that “your portfolios at aggregate level has just turned positive”. (That is the market value of all customer’s portfolio, exceeds the cumulative sum invested by them)

Please note though, that some individual portfolios may be somewhat negative too as some are positive as well.

This has been possible, because we have hugely outperformed NIFTY by about 15%. While, the average customer investment has come at 10,750 to 11,000 NIFTY levels, the closing value for NIFTY this weekend was at 9100.

This is testimony not only to our complete commitment towards you, but also to the quality of our expertise in both Equity as well as Fixed income space.

We have consistently demonstrated thought leadership by extensively publishing our views.

We are proud, that we have often called the market right for instance:
(1) Going long on IT sector a few years back
(2) Going long on the duration, when bond yields where above 8.2%, which was completely against the popular sentiment at that time
(3) Our high conviction call on the pharma sector which has played out beautifully recently

Looking forward to your continued support that will drive us harder.

Rajesh Prasad – +91 9819006666
Satish Mishra – +91 9324904306

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