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Our Leadership Team

Rajesh Prasad

Rajesh is Mechanical Engineer from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. He has always had a passion for financial markets and brings with him, extensive experience of trading in various instruments across the globe.

Kunal Mohanlal

Kunal is a Chemical Engineer from BITS Pilani and an alumnus of FMS, Delhi. He has a passion for innovation and technology. He pioneered a solution for Electronic Shelf Labels in 2004 using RFID, targeted to the retail segment.

Ashok Rout

Ashok is an MBA from IIM, Bangalore and a BTech (Hon.) in Electrical Engineering IIT, Kharagpur. He has  26+ years of experience in the financial services industry including equities, fixed income, currencies & commodities.

Satish Mishra

Satish is an Engineer from NIT Durgapur and PGDM from IIM Bangalore. Has more than 30 years of domain experience in Business Development various industry sectors like Energy, Infra, Steel and Industrial component business.

Our Core Beliefs and Principles

Sound Methodology

Our sound investment principles such as Asset Allocation, Rebalancing, Risk Profiling & Tax Efficiency, go a long way in ensuring optimal returns for all our customers.

Safety & Security

While we maximize your returns, we are obsessed with your risks. Our multipronged strategies ensure that your money and accounts are absolutely safe & secure.

Tax Efficient

We offer the most Tax Efficient ways to make your investments grow smartly and we provide intelligent methods to improve your returns by lowering your Taxes.

Customer Delight

Through our Lifecycle Investment focus, we have a long term commitment to your success. We are also proud to offer you a world-class experience every time you interact with us.

Sound Investment Methodology

To Maximize Your Returns

Asset Allocation

The first step in our methodology is to identify a broad set of diversified asset classes to serve as the building blocks for our portfolios. We continuously monitor various sectors and the markets to determine the optimal mix of our chosen asset classes by overweighting the ones in growth phase. Our endeavor is to maximize returns at each level of risk.


Determining Your Risks

It is necessary to pinpoint an investor’s risk profile in order to identify the ideal asset allocation. To assess an accurate profile, we have evolved a proprietary method that combines your risk tolerance, age & financial situation. At the same time, WealthSpring has simplified the process of building an accurate assessment profile by using a small set of targeted questions.


Rebalancing The Portfolio

We constantly monitor our clients’ portfolios to see if rebalancing is required. Need for rebalancing arises owing to changing market conditions, to which we respond by tweaking the model portfolio. At times, this arises because of relative price movements that distort asset allocation in the portfolio. We buy or sell securities to rebalance, provided it makes sense, after accounting for tax & trading costs.


Investment Vehicles

WealthSpring uses cost-effective instruments such as Mutual Funds, Sovereign & Semi Sovereign Bonds and Large & Mid Cap stocks to represent each asset class in the portfolio. Our instrument selection strategy is to periodically review the entire population of Mutual Funds, Sovereign Bonds & Stocks to identify the most appropriate ones to represent each of the recommended asset classes.


Safety and Security

The most Safe & Secure way to invest

Transaction Platform that you can Trust

MF Utility is an online platform owned by the Asset Management Companies created for ease of sale and purchase of Mutual Funds. The platform is only an enabler. The transaction is between you and the fund house.

Your Money & Investments in your Account

Once purchase has to be approved by you, the money would then get transferred from the escrow account to the Asset Management Company and specific scheme would be allocated to you. On redemption all amount would get transferred to your linked bank account.

Investment Portfolio in Secured Vehicles

WealthSpring has a powerful rating & ranking model for selection of the right investment vehicle across wide range of instruments – Fixed Income. Mutual Funds and Direct Equity products

Tax Efficiency

We are committed to improving your post Tax returns

Tax efficient rebalancing

While rebalancing your portfolio we look at tax implication and switching costs. From time to time we book short term capital loss that can be set off against short term capital gains. This helps optimize post tax returns.

ULIP as powerful tool for tax efficiency

We recognise that ULIP offers the most tax efficient method of rebalancing the portfolio. No Tax implication & no Switching cost. It is because of this reason, we recommend that 20-25 % of the portfolio should be held in ULIP, providing flexibility to balance your portfolio

Committed to Improving Post Tax Returns

Wealthspring’s recommendation for purchase of Cumulative NCD and selling it on exchange rather than redeeming or investing in debt mutual funds for at-least 3 years and many other such advisory arises out of our deep commitment to improving post tax returns.

Customer Delight

Objective & Friendly Investment experience

Objective Advice

We have committed ourselves to this principle, though Financial products selling often lacks it. We provide you with an objective financial advice, that can be held to the highest fiduciary standards and is always in your best interests.

Friendly and Intuitive

WealthSpring is committed to Simple and Transparent dealings to make sure that you are delighted working with us. This is reflected in all our processes including our easy to use website, where clients can easily access their portfolios.

Lifecycle Management

We have an unwavering commitment to your long-term success through understanding your financial goals as well as your risk profile and translating those into best in class wealth management solutions specific to your needs.

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