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Equity Advisory

Managing Your Mutual Fund investments – MF Utility Platform

  • Portfolio is designed and managed by WealthSpring – Balancing growth & risk based on your profile & market conditions
  • We build the Portfolio with select Equity, Debt & Sectoral Mutual Funds for growth and risk mitigation
  • Portfolio is rebalanced by WealthSpring at frequent intervals to maximize returns
  • Clients have complete control of their investments at all times, we always take specific approval prior to executing any advice
  • Lifecycle Investment management creating long term value for client
  • Superior advisory comes with Zero fee from clients

Managing your Direct Equity Investments – Phillip Capital Platform

We are Investment Advisors to a PMS strategy of Phillip Capital, key features of this strategy are:

  • We are one of the few players in the country that advises deployment of Portfolio across both Debt & Equity Funds
  • Provides customers the unique advantage of moving out of Equity markets when they are over valued
  • We follow a top down Asset Allocation approach overweighting segments and sectors that are undervalued
  • Helps customers to generate a high risk adjusted returns
  • As per the regulatory requirements this requires minimum investments of Rs 25 lacs

This is a fee-based service. Contact us to understand the details


Unit Linked Insurance Plan

Wealth Spring recommends 20% to 25% of your Financial portfolio in ULIP, even though there is a 5-year lock in period.

ULIP not only brings great tax efficiencies in re-balancing your portfolio but also maturity proceeds are completely tax exempt. At the same time there is no switching cost.

For clients investing in ULIP, Wealthspring brings significant value adds:

  • Helps clients in selecting low cost ULIP – Compare and recommend policies that have the lowest Net Cost
  • Helps identify Insurance companies that have high performing funds
  • Helps narrowing down on ULIP policies that are 10 (10d) compliant so that maturity proceeds do not attract tax

Our strong expertise across both debt and equity asset class ideally positions us to manage switches based on market scenario to maximise risk adjusted returns

Fixed Income Advisory

Provide stability to your Portfolio – Fixed Income investments

The return from Fixed Income instruments is complex and a play of Interest rates, Duration, Credit Rating, Inflation, Macro-economic factors.

Wealthspring brings in deep knowledge about the above factors in order to optimize your returns. While proposing an investment we also bring deep understanding of taxation so as to maximise your post-tax returns.

Our advisory services cover wide ranging instruments customized to individual requirements:

  • Debt Mutual Funds
  • Non-Convertible Debentures
  • Tax Free Bonds & Perpetual Bonds
  • Cumulative Non-Convertible Debentures

WealthSpring evaluates the returns, tenure and recommends accordingly to its valued clients. WealthSpring advisory includes help in trading these papers on the exchanges to optimize taxation.

Structured Product

Structured Products offer not only capital protection but also high risk adjusted returns. As the principal is protected, these are like fixed income investments.

The structured offerings popular in India are (1) Yield oriented ones that offer fixed returns and (2) Nifty linked structures where returns are linked to NIFTY

Keeping in view the higher risk adjusted returns, these should definitely find a place in every HNI’s portfolio. However, keeping in view that you get committed to a particular strategy and also that the liquidity is low, we would limit exposure to such products to 10/15% of your portfolio.

We offer both third party structured products as well has our own Structures

Third Party Structured Products & our value add

Third party structured products are Market linked Debentures (NCD’s) that are issued by various NBFC’s (IIFL, Edelweiss, L&T Finance, Tata Finance etc)

WealthSpring value add with respect to third party offerings are:

  • Assess Issuer Risk – Very often the subsidiary of the listed NBFC is the issuer and one should factor this in assessing the issuer risk.
  • Evaluate various Risk Mitigation that is provided by way of guarantees and securitization
  • Assess expected value of return based on assessment of probability of various events
  • Evaluate the suitability of the product based on risk profile of customer
  • Our advisory includes how to reduce the incidence of tax

WealthSpring Manufactured Structured Product

WealthSpring offers its own structures (as a manufacturer of these structured products) on Phillip Capital PMS platform.

The advantage is that the default risk that is a big issue, in case of a third party manufactured product, is completely avoided in case of our structured offerings. This is because all securities are held in your Demat account. Additionally, WealthSpring structured offerings are far more customizable to your individual requirements

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