Interesting Times To Build Your Fixed Income Portfolio!

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More and more people are looking at Fixed Income investment opportunity, as Equity markets have started worrying them for reasons listed below!

Our economy has been slipping and slipping fast. GDP growth rate has come down from 8% a year ago to 5% by Q1 FY 20. The general feeling is that the growth slowdown is well entrenched and may be partly due to structural factors.

At the same time, global markets across the developed world including China have significantly slowed down.

In addition, there are several additional headwinds that are expected to severely impact the financial markets in the coming days: US-China trade war, No deal Brexit, Growing nationalistic sentiment and the list goes on ….

While, the Indian equity markets are trading at attractive levels from the valuation perspective, however in view of the above factors equity markets can go down even more. (Though this is not our central case projections)

In this context, Fixed Income becomes an attractive asset class. Post Tax Return returns ranges from 4.7% to 8.5%. It, further highlights how Wealthspring can help you optimize returns on your Fixed Income investments.

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